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  1. Not a real name

    ** Comment edited – subtracted flaming without content **

    Your laughing of the sacrifice is disgusting. Why are you laughing? You should warn people there is graphic content before listening. You’re not scholars you are dopes.
    This came cross as scholarly material IT IS NOT

    1. blake

      Full disclosure, I edited this comment down to the substance and removed empty flaming. All of our comments must be approved (to prove its not spam) but we eventually send all real ones through. I edited it to essential bits.

      I haven’t listened to the Montezuma show in a while, so I do not recall the context, but it is irrelevant as we laugh at pretty much everything on our show. We try to be entertaining (sometimes successfully) and informative.

      We never claim to be scholars, every show begins with the introduction of something along the lines of “we are a bunch of dudes who sit around and talk about our favorite wikipedia articles”.

      I can’t speak for the others, but I can confirm my being a dope on occasion (fine… most occasions), in addition to my petty contributions of childish comments, prejudices, unfunny quips, and ambiguity that come with being a white American male.

      As a semi related aside, I just finished reading the book Kevin based this show on, and my mind was blown, and highly suggest reading it. It is a long one, and obviously written by a soldier before a writer, but no story I’ve read come close to how amazing this one was, and it actually happened.


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