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Blake finds some intriguing methods to intentionally obfuscate semantic content of information whose importance, relative to that necessary for general discourse, may or may not have significant impact on the full comprehension of the intended audience.


New Year Wikiphiles

Hey wikiphiles,

How’s it going? We’re good. Our relative silence lately has prompted a few of you guys to ask “Where’d you go?” A sentiment that both surprises (people listen to our nonsense?) and warms our hearts (like jalapenos).

The good news is we are still here, recording new shows. We literally have a dozen shows we just haven’t edited yet. Life, job, kids, chupacabras, you know how it goes. A resolution of ours is to get some new stuff out there asap, so we will get right on it – it’s up there on the list with ‘work out more often’ and ‘drink less soda’ and ‘read Sound Engineering for Dummies’.

We really do like hearing from listeners, it’s sort of like getting a birthday card laced with white powder – excitement is inevitable, and ultimately enjoyable when a quick sniff reveals its not anthrax, but something way better, like powdered sugar… Seriously, hit us up, we love to chat.

Also, let us know if you want to hear more from Steve or Sarah. My powers of persuasion fail in the face of their busy and interesting lives, but a 100,000 signature petition might get them to return, who knows.