New Year Wikiphiles

Hey wikiphiles,

How’s it going? We’re good. Our relative silence lately has prompted a few of you guys to ask “Where’d you go?” A sentiment that both surprises (people listen to our nonsense?) and warms our hearts (like jalapenos).

The good news is we are still here, recording new shows. We literally have a dozen shows we just haven’t edited yet. Life, job, kids, chupacabras, you know how it goes. A resolution of ours is to get some new stuff out there asap, so we will get right on it – it’s up there on the list with ‘work out more often’ and ‘drink less soda’ and ‘read Sound Engineering for Dummies’.

We really do like hearing from listeners, it’s sort of like getting a birthday card laced with white powder – excitement is inevitable, and ultimately enjoyable when a quick sniff reveals its not anthrax, but something way better, like powdered sugar… Seriously, hit us up, we love to chat.

Also, let us know if you want to hear more from Steve or Sarah. My powers of persuasion fail in the face of their busy and interesting lives, but a 100,000 signature petition might get them to return, who knows.

5 thoughts on “New Year Wikiphiles

  1. Rachel

    Hey Wikiphiles!

    I have recently started to listen to your podcast and have been thoroughly enjoying the quirkiness!

    I’ve listened to them all, love them all (although sometimes you waffle on, and that can get a bit tedious), but I need some new topics to delight my colleagues with.

    When possible, could you please release something?

    Hope you all have a marvellous day, and can find some productive hours to punch out an episode or two.

    Always listening,


    1. blake Post author

      New show is up, and shooting to tear through 10 new shows. Also, thanks for an idea for part of a show…

      I haven’t heard that term before, heh. You think its bad now? 20% of most shows are cut for similar droning and dribbling 😉 . 10% cut is the word ‘um’.

      Thanks for listening!

      1. Chelsea

        Never stop waffling!!!

        One of the best things about the show is that it doesn’t feel like a typical podcast. It feels like I’m hanging out with friends and having great conversations. It makes me forget how lame and boring my actual friends are!

        I’m glad to see that you guys are still recording. I was worried! If I had a bunch of money I’d pay you people to make a weekly podcast. I still can’t believe this show isn’t more popular.

  2. Chelsea

    Oh, and yeah, more Steve and Sarah. Did she do the FFI show? Tell her I said to come back. And tell Wikipete I miss him, too!

    1. blake Post author

      Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear people dig our nonsense. We’ll try to butter up Steve and Sarah for encores.

      We greatly appreciate the sentiment for donations, but we aren’t in a position to have to ask yet (we don’t have high bandwidth costs 😉 ). If you feel so inclined, I’d suggest donating it to Wikipedia since they are always asking for donations.


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