Hey there stranger. If you’ve stumbled upon this site, this bastion of random knowledge, then there is a great chance you are a wikiphile. What’s a wikiphile? Seriously? You should be able to figure that out by yourself.

If you’re like us, you enjoy cruising Wikipedia in search of the interesting and unusual. If you’re a lot like us, you might even talk about the best ones you found with your friends at lunch or something.

If you are us, then it is conceivable you might decide to make a podcast based on this exchange of information. But since you aren’t us, we can try to bring you up to speed.


Kevin Teague

A virile devil with a growing collection of mini Teagues.


Blake Davis

A hybrid between a jackal and hyena who mumbles.



An ex-everything with a chip on his shoulder and no last name.


Michael Tappan

He’s forgotten more facts from documentaries than you’ll ever know.

2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Adam Beans

    Dude, I love your show. But you have to do something about your mixing. I’ve never had to adjust my volume so many times during one podcast. Get a donate link up on your websiye while your at it. I wanted to make this complaint along with a $20 donation.

    1. blake

      Yep, our sound set up and editing sucks. Sorry about that. We have been making some changes in recent shows to try help things, but we are still editing a backlog from before those changes, so it’s pain and suffering till we get caught up. Hopefully it’ll suck less then.

      We are glad you dig the show. We appreciate the donation thought.


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